We hope you are pleased with the fresh look of our new website. Here you can discover our wide range of commercial and residential tanning bed repair services available to all customers in the Pacific Northwest.

Tanners are raving about our lamps. We carry the best lamps for your tanning bed and also have an extensive parts supply. When you choose lamps from a technical company specialized in equipment maintenance, you can rest assured you are buying the best lamps on the market.  Please call for quote at 503-208-6677.

Looking to rescue your tanning bed? You’ve come to the right place. We can help you:

  • Repair your tanning equipment
  • Advise you on repairing your own equipment
  • Perform routine cleaning and relamping
  • Purchase spare parts for your units
  • Install or relocate equipment

We are the premier tanning bed service company of choice for most manufacturers and area salon owners. Find out for yourself why Oregon and Washington tanning salon professionals prefer Smart House Electric.